Christmas Lighting
Chandelier Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels need to be cleaned regularly to optimize the power generation of your solar system. These systems are expensive to install but their benefits are worth the cost. Make sure your units are working at their highest capacity by having us clean them regularly.

Window Cleaning
Roof Moss Treatment
Roof Cleaning

When dirt, debris, water, wind, salt spray and grime stay on windows long enough it causes glass degradation (damage). We recommend cleaning your windows at least twice per year, more often if you live near salt water or if rain gets on your windows.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we get a lot of rain. All of that moisture is an ideal environment for moss and algae growth, especially on roofs. Moss on roofs holds moisture there and can be unsightly and damaging. Our eco- friendly roof cleaning uses no harsh chemicals. We brush moss off by hand.

Roof moss can be killed by applying a moss dehydrating agent to the roof. This will kill the moss and stop it from growing back as fast. Roof moss treatments should be done once per year.

Pressure Washing
Gutter Cleaning

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to prevent a variety of issues. Over flowing water is annoying and can cause water damage to the siding and landscaping. Added weight in the gutters can make them loosen or fall. Clogged downspouts can damage drainage systems. Gutters should be cleaned 1-4 times per year depending on your surroundings, maybe more! Gotta love those trees.

With our dark and wet environment in the NW, grime, slime, moss and algae can dirty up a variety of items. Building siding, awnings, driveways, walkways, decks, patios and propane tanks are a few of the things we can clean up around your home or business.

Christmas is a magical time of year.

"Be light" for your neighborhood with custom lighting and design. We can help design, order, install, remove and store your lights (Christmas cheer included on all lighting packages).

NO VACANCY! Spring time in Washington is wonderful isn't it? Sun shining, the smell of lawns being mowed, and birds ignoring the sign on your eaves and vents of your house. Birds are nice and all but they belong in bird houses, not yours. We can cover up the popular areas and remove nests for you. We'll even bring a bird house along to relocate the evicted family. Chirp, chirp. 

Get your shine on. Chandeliers get dusty. Really dusty. We can clean up your hanging lights or chandeliers so you can have a brighter home.

We offer many services to brighten and

clean up your home or building.

We choose to physically bid each job if we can. We believe in clear communications

and an understanding by all parties of the work to be done.

By meeting in person we can understand exactly what you want,

and what needs to be done to achieve, then exceed, your expectations. 

Bird Control

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