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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to do anything to prepare for my roof to be cleaned?


Yes. Please have any vehicles parked away from the house at least 20 feet. We will be blowing some

debris off the roof and do not want to get your cars dirty.


Do you pressure wash roofs?


Yes and No. We do not pressure wash composite roofs unless you really want us to and are aware of

the risks. Metal roofs can be pressure washed but we have to be very careful around seams and

vents. Cedar roofs can be pressure washed carefully but should be sealed with a wood treatment



Do you clean the gutter exterior when cleaning the gutters out?


No. We consider them as two services. We can clean the gutters out and/or wash down the gutter



Does roof cleaning make a mess?


Roof cleaning can be very messy. We will do our best to clean up any mess we make.


Do you offer moss treatment?


Yes. Sometimes we will recommend treating the moss before we brush it off(If it will make brushing it

off easier). Most the time we recommend treating it after we brush the moss off to kill any left over.


How often should I have my roof cleaned?


Here in the Pacific Northwest shade and moisture are commonplace therefore moss growth is

inevitable. We recommend having the roof treatment done at least once per year to slow down the moss

growth. Each roof is different and will see different moss growth rates and areas.


Will your roof moss treatment harm my landscaping or drainage system?


No. We use baking soda to kill moss. It does a good job killing moss and has minimal impact compared

to other moss killers.

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